According to Psychologists :::: 4 reasons why people cheat

This is one thing that nobody has one direct answer, it’s one of those questions that has multiple answers.

The answers also vary from person to person. According to a recent article published in Medical Xpress by Dr. Ann Hartlage, a psychologist at Rush University Medical Center, also the director of Rush’s Martial and Sex Therapy Program, she explained that there is no one reason why people choose to cheat or have affairs.

Another psychologist, Jay Kent-Ferraro, in an article in Psychology Today. He is of the opinion that people cheat because of four different points.

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  1. Fantasy & Flight

  2. Pathology & Deviant Affairs

  3. Poor Strategies & Bad Intent Affairs

  4. Benevolent Neglect Affairs

An example can be one person might have it in mind to cheat on their partners purposely while another might do it as a result of the gathering they’re in, Alcohol has been known to make people get uninhibited. This isn’t the justification for why people cheat, reports Nick Dimengo, FHM.

On the other hand, if the person makes a habit of cheating, or even go as much as developing a relationship outside their main relationship. The reason for this might be deeper than one night’s indiscretion, when this happens, it also make it easy to reconcile.

Now, that we’ve seen some of the reasons why people cheat. It’s also important to mention that relationships do overcome infidelity according to Ken- Ferraro, “Infidelity always has a purpose to it, although most often that purpose is not known or understood, and must be, in order to really answer the questions around ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’ All behavior is purposeful and people don’t do anything without a reason for doing it.”

Most of the infidelities will fall into these four categories, if the infidelity situation is high, it might be time to make a decision about it, either salvage the relationship or let it go like the frozen theme song.

While it’s possible that a relationship can thrive after infidelity, not cheating is the simplest way of not getting into trouble with your partner.

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