O.M.G! Ghanian movie star Baby Blanche’s Launched Operation Remove Your Dross (Panties) || Photos

Ghanaian Actress, Baby Blanche has propelled a battle that urges women to quit wearing underwear.

The battle labeled ‘Operation Remove Your Dross’, which is focused at helping save the lives of ladies, was propelled on Saturday, September 9 at a question and answer session held in Accra.

When talking with Nana Qwame Larbi of Hitz FM, Baby Blanche had this to state:

“The entire activity is to enable women to free themselves from contamination which most women endure because of wearing underwear. I have rehearsed it and it has helped me. I additionally need to affect this same practice onto others.

“I can’t lecture about going “pant-less” and repudiate myself by wearing them. I am not wearing Panties as I address you.”

In another talk, she stated:

“As a supporter of going pant-less, have lived over the most recent seven years without undies and have never brought about the fury of the bacterium at my imperative zone in connection to any disease. I join the online doctor Dr Mehmet Oz, who advises the time has come to go common since we don’t need down there to get soggy.

All in all, in view of specialists look into and my own understanding and in addition associate comrades have come to understood that , I Blanche Worae ( Baby Blanche) and my establishment can state on expert without fear a woman without underwear can leave a more advantageous life. So am beseeching every single Ghanaian woman to go along with me in going pant-less for solid life.”


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