Television talk show host comically reveals that she gets paid to have sex

Funmi IyandaAlright, we as we all realize that Funmi Iyanda is one superstar who is never timid to talk up about her perspectives on any social issues.

She clearly wasn’t going moderate on her Twitter account when a supporter requesting that her be his “Sugar Mummy”.

He, be that as it may, wasn’t expecting the reaction he got from her as she answered him saying she’s paid to engage in sexual relations. Funmi went additionally saying, that the installment for sex is made by both youthful and old people, additionally said she prefers work more than sex.

Finally, it was simply jokes and bants from the veteran TV character.

Funmi Iyanda

The ” Ask Funmi” vlog have just as of late took a correspond at Sterling Bank for a post asking for Twitter devotees to retweet its remark before influencing a gift to Benue to surge casualties.

Sterling Bank had tweeted “The surge in Benue has influenced numerous. Add to them by RTing this since we’ll give ₦50 for each RT of this tweet. #IStandWithBenue.”

This went poorly well the T.V identity as she took to her Twitter page to censure the bank despite the fact that she didn’t specify the name of the bank.

“Does any other individual find corporates requesting retweets to contribute cash to debacle help offensive or am l now completely nuts?,” Iyanda composed.

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