Timaya says he was at one time a sex toy to a more seasoned lady in Port Harcourt in return for nourishment and a rooftop over his head

Artist Timaya was at one time a sex toy to a more seasoned lady, and he unveiled this stunning truth in another meeting with our source. As indicated by him;

I learnt that to prevail in life, I needed to remain enthusiastic about my fantasies, never make due with less and continue buckling down each day. In particular, I learnt to trust that God makes everything conceivable in great time. I have experienced a considerable measure of things in life, and on the off chance that I start to share my story, you will be stunned. I was naturally introduced to a genuinely agreeable family yet I was a radical and I regularly fled from home. I once lived in Port Harcourt with a lady who was more established than me and she utilized me like I was a sex toy. I needed to benefit her at whatever point she had the inclination in return for sustenance and a rooftop over my head. Be that as it may, I have constantly thought beyond practical boundaries. In spite of my travails, I never let go of my goals while trusting that one day, I would become famous.

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